It’s been quite the week for The Nectars with their feature on UK Record of The Day followed by the premiere on US Substream Magazine, reviewing the music video for their debut track ‘Heaven’.

The review begins with setting up the perfect scene:

“A first listen brings to mind a late night spent under dim lights in a crowded room where the walls are wet with sweat and the stink of cheap cigarettes fills the air. You might be concerned about all the clear health violations if it weren’t for the music, which is keeping you alive and the building upright with an energy no amount of modern technology can replicate.”

Followed by an extremely complementary overview:

“the band’s debut single, is a brash and devilish track that crawls under your skin… In a world of oversaturation, it takes a lot for anyone to leave an impression. The Nectars have managed to do so with just one song.”

Watch the video and see for yourself.