Wheel release their second EP ‘The Divide’. Front man James shares a bit of the story behind the music:

 “The main difference and also the main reason we decided to release “The Divide”, was that the first EP as mentioned before, was mainly composed from my old songs that we then developed together. It was a demo that had been waiting inside my computer for nearly ten years at that point; we changed everything about the first three songs on “The Path” EP and rebuilt them from the ground up. For “The Divide” EP we wanted to do something which was a bit more collaborative, where everyone had a creative voice.  The basic idea is that everything came from the four of us rather than just one of us. “Please” the lead track of “The Divide” for instance, took a very long time to find a version we were all happy with. I think it nearly took six months as we were constantly tweaking it and changing it, if I remember correctly.

Listen here: Wheel.lnk.to/TheDivideFA